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CLICK HERE to download the Vinyl2USB™ Converter manual.

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1. What computers is the Vinyl2USB™ Converter compatible with?

The converter is compatible with both Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and Apple Mac OS X.

2. When I record audio from my converter, I don’t get any sound.

Make sure you have the correct recording device set.

PC: Set the “Recording Device” to “USB Audio Device.”
MAC: In the software, click Edit --> Preferences and set the “Recording Device” to “USB Audio Device.

3. How do I save my audio recordings as MP3?

(If you are using a PC, you must install the Audacity software. Insert the Vinyl2USB™ CD and go to the AudioRecorder folder. Click the Setup file.)

After recording your audio recording, use the File --> Export As MP3 feature inside Audacity. The first time you do this, you will be asked to locate a file called lame_enc.dll to add this feature to the software. Insert the CD that came with your Vinyl2USB™ Converter and locate this file on the CD.

4. How do I use the Vinyl2USB™ Converter with iTunes?

First, convert your record to WAV or MP3 format and save it on your PC. You can then import your recordings into iTunes and put them on your iPod/iPad/iPhone.

5. My audio recordings don’t sound good.

1) Try setting the speed selector to 33? , 45 or 78 RPM according to the size of the record you are playing.
2) Turn down the “Recording” / “Microphone” volume in the software.
3) Under Edit --> Preferences, set “Channels” to “2 (Stereo).”
4) If your recordings still are low quality, it is possible that your original vinyl record's quality has degraded over time.

6. The software records audio correctly, but I can’t hear anything during playback.

1) First, unplug your Vinyl2USB™ Converter from your PC. Then export your recording as a WAV or MP3 file and exit the software. Finally, play your music in software such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. Note: use earbuds or headphones (plugged into your converter) if you’d like to listen to the music while recording.
2) Make sure you have the correct recording device set. In the software, click Edit --> Preferences and set the “Recording Device” to something like “USB Audio Device.”

7. How do I split up my recording into individual tracks?

First, use the mouse to select a track. Do this by clicking and dragging between the silences (flat lines). Use the “Zoom In/Out” tool if necessary.

Then, click File --> “Export Selection As WAV” or “Export Selection As MP3.” Select a location such as the Music (or My Music) folder inside the My Documents folder.

Repeat the process for the remaining tracks that are recorded. When finished you may exit Audacity and say “no” when asked to save the file.

8. Is there a way to make the audio transfer faster?

Transfers must be done at normal speed. This is because the Vinyl2USB™ Converter records the actual audio that is emitted by the player.

9. My recording is too fast or too slow.

Adjust the speed screw by using a coin to loosen or tighten it.

10. I need help with the LP2CD Wizard software.

Please download the LP2CD Wizard software manual.

11. How do I contact you for further support?

Please click here to open a support ticket.

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